Friday, June 8, 2012

Dale Stephens' References from Keynote Speech

Dale Stephens gave an inspiring speech this morning on unschooling with a remarkable speed and list of references. Here is a list for those who were not fast enough to type the links. Read the interview with Dale we did for the conference. Here you find another interview, a fellow unschooler did with Dale.

7 Steps to Learn Effectively on UnCollege

How Children Learn by John Holt on Amazon

Accepted - the movie in IMDb

Skillshare: Learn anything from anyone, anywhere.

Formerly Coursekit, now Lore: free online course-management

Online courses/tutoring:

More from UnCollege:

Open Traditional University Courses

Stanford Artificial Intelligence Course: Free online course at Stanford.
MIT Open Course Ware: Free MIT education. Various multimedia and resources for each course.
Coursera: Offers 40 free courses from leading US Universities
Udacity: 6 free computer science classes from former Stanford professors. 
OCW Consortium : Open CourseWare universities

Open Unconventional University Courses

creativeLIVE: Free classes live. Pay for past recorded classes.

Alison: Advanced Learning Interactive Systems Online. Offers 300+ free and interactive multimedia training courses. Free ed. website with 13 areas of study each containing many courses that include readings, assignments, and other media.

Udemy: Attend or create online courses. From free to $250 on any subject. Can include video, PowerPoint, PDFs, audio, and or classes.
Learnable: Attend or create online courses from $10-50 on Web Dev, Tech, Lifestyle, and Business.

Video and Audio Lectures

TED: Tech Entertainment Design. Presentations of the most innovative ideas from around the world.
 Textbook Revolution: Student-run (crowdsourced) site that provides links to free online textbooks and other educational materials from teacher and professors. Over 1000 open ebooks written by professors and other experts for students, business professionals, and travel guides.
DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals. Free, full text, scientific journals. Research anything.
Project Gutenberg: 36,000+ open books (download as ebook) whose copyrights have expired.
Scribd: “The world’s largest social reading and publishing company. Share and discover entertaining, informative and original written content across the web and mobile devices.”

Online Learning Communities

iversity: The collaboration network for academia.
P2PU: Crowd sourced learning, P2P learning anything.
Sophia: Free learning packets are voted up or down by members and stamped for correctness. Over 1000 learning packets mostly in Math, English and Science.
Wikiversity: Search the 15,000+ Wikipedia resources by type, school, level, and completion status.
 The Public School: School with no curriculum, classes proposed by public, people can sign up, and when there is enough interest, they find a teacher.
Citizen Circles : Social Innovation fueled by peer learning. 3+ person groups that solve local problems.
Learning Unlimited: Learning Unlimited is leading a movement of college students teaching high school students everything and anything.

Study Groups

Course Hero: Access to the learning materials, tutors, and textbook help.
OpenStudy: 1000s of students. Find students who can help you. Post a question and others answer. Switch Facebook into study mode.
Codecademy: Learn coding with your friends. Take courses for beginners.

StackExchange: Growing network of 66 Q&A sites on many diverse topics.
Kibin: Crowdsourced editing community for essays, articles, resumes, poems, and any written content.


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